Pioneering Credit-Based Health Risk Management

Aegle’s suite of credit-based risk management solutions provides employers, at-risk providers, and health insurers with a robust alternative to traditional re/insurance. The focus? Maximum financial flexibility and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to tackle lengthy reimbursement timelines and enhance cash flow, or seeking monthly budget predictability with flexible and capped funding options, our solutions are at the ready. And for those eyeing the horizon, our offerings serve as a foundation to set up a tax-efficient captive — all by leveraging risk-based capital to help build your reserves.

Whatever your immediate or long-term health risk management needs, Aegle is here to maximize your success.

We make it easy to boost cash flow

The unpredictability of claims can place a strain on the cash flow of all self-insured entities. To brace against unforeseen scenarios, many earmark substantial budgets that could be better utilized elsewhere. With Aegle, there’s a smarter approach. By harnessing the power of credit, our clients craft strategies that not only make healthcare risk mitigation more predictable but also cost-efficient.

On-demand financing provides short- and long-term benefits to your bottom line

Our portfolio of flexible solutions is tailored to meet your financial aspirations for both today and the future. Offered through our select distribution partners, Aegle brings innovative strategies once reserved for large enterprises, empowering companies with enhanced control over their financial journey.

Pay as You Go

Some capital efficiency but not predictable

Advanced Funding

Predictable but not capital efficient

Aegle Risk Financing

Predictable, capital efficient, and 15%+ savings

Better Savings & Budgetability

Aegle provides a more efficient avenue to fund risk exposure

  • 15% average savings in the first year
  • 97.6% chance of less spend in a 5-year period
  • Only use what you need with no prepayment fees

Better Coverage

Aegle addresses the challenges of re/insurance

  • No lasers or exclusions
  • Eliminates aggregate corridor
  • Covers specific deductibles and aggregate attachments
  • Allows groups to reserve less cash

Growth Ready

Aegle addresses short-term challenges and provides for future growth

  • Reduce time to reimbursement by up to 80 days
  • Build reserves for a captive without tying up precious capital

Experience the Aegle difference

Traditional stop-loss reinsurance does not result in predictable spend, despite high premiums. Aegle credit-based solutions can replace or layer on to existing stop-loss – helping groups save money with equivalent cash flow protection.

Traditional Stop Loss


  • Catastrophic Claim Protection
  • Budget Protection
  • Premium Hikes to Recoup Loss



  • Catastrophic Claim Protection
  • Budget Protection
  • Rapid Reimbursement
  • Cash Flow Flexibility
  • Reduced Fixes Costs
  • Off-cycle Gap Coverage

Kyle Rolfing – CEO

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, some lead while others follow. Kyle has consistently chosen the former. Balancing both collaboration and clarity, he's etched his mark with tools that have redefined health benefits for employers.

His ventures speak volumes:

  • Definity Health: Acquired by United Health for an impressive $300m in 2004.
  • Redbrick Health: Merged seamlessly with Marlin Equity Partners in 2018.
  • Bright Health: Marked a significant milestone with an IPO in 2021 on the NYSE under the symbol BHG.

But it's not just about business for Kyle. Beyond the boardroom, he finds joy in the simpler pleasures of life, embracing Minnesota's scenic beauty while skiing or indulging in a round of golf. It's this balance that defines his journey, both professionally and personally.