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Our collection of credit-based risk management solutions offers immediate relief from common challenges like unpredictable cash flows and budget uncertainties. But it doesn’t end there. Aegle provides a platform for cutting-edge, cost- and capital-efficient health risk management tools. With Aegle, you’re not just solving today’s problems — you’re preparing for tomorrow.

Accelerated Stop-Loss Reimbursement

Reimbursement for stop-loss claims in as fast as 72 hours with minimal documentation.

Aegle Accel for Carved-out Stop-Loss: Reimbursement speed is often a barrier for groups wishing to carve-out stop-loss. With Aegle, groups can receive reimbursement for all specific claims in as fast as 72 hours, without the documentation/eligibility hassles that often exist with traditional advance funding.

Accelerated Network Reimbursement: A multi-state TPA wishes to offer a lower-cost network that mandates the payment of all claims (including stop-loss) within 72 hours after TPA adjudication. By partnering with Aegle, a large stop-loss carrier can now meet this requirement and work with the TPA.

Flexible Risk Financing

Access a versatile, unsecured credit line tailored for health claims. Features include a term of up to four years, no prepayment penalties, few operational constraints such as pre-set utilization limits or cash sweeps, and per-head pricing.

Credit-based Level Funding: Establish a yearly budget. Then, if health spend in any given time period exceeds that budget, tap into Aegle. When expenses come in lower than budget, pay down Aegle, just like level funding.

Cell/Gene Therapy Financing: Integrate Risk Financing as a risk mitigation mechanism, with or without stop-loss. This is particularly useful for groups for whom ground-up carved-out stop-loss is too expensive, but who also do not want to “run naked” on potentially catastrophic events.

“On-demand TLO”: Instead of committing to a TLO rider at the beginning of the year, buy Aegle in Q4 if and when there’s a likelihood of runout claims. Then, tap Aegle for those claims to smooth out impact.

Captive Capital Solutions

coming first half of 2024

For both new and existing single-parent and group captives, Aegle RBC Support offers regulatorily compliant capital relief. RBC Support combines advance funding, level funding, and premium financing to replace quota share and provide customers with long-term, lower-cost captive capitalization solutions. RBC Support is in development and slated for release by Q2 2024.

Why Aegle Saves: A Lower Cost of Capital

Understanding the true costs of re/insurance is often a challenge. The various fees and expenses can be obscured, making it difficult for businesses to assess the actual financial implications.

When you analyze all of the details, you might be surprised by both the costs of traditional re/insurance as well as the savings available by leveraging Aegle.


Traditional Stop Loss



The implied cost of capital of re/insurance can be calculated as follows:

Loss Ratio
Cost / Reimbursement
Cost of Capital
= $0.30/$0.70
= $0.25/$0.75
= $0.10/$0.90

On average and over time, credit serves as an actuarially equivalent and cost-effective method for preserving cash compared to traditional reinsurance. A risk-bearing entity can achieve savings by replacing a dollar of reinsurance with a dollar of credit.


West coast law firm with 1,200 employees

This self-insured group had a spec deductible of $300,000 and no aggregate. The group’s cumulative  stop-loss ratio was 64% over the 5 full year period from 2018 through 2022. Had they adopted Aegle Specific Financing they would have saved and remained equivalently protected.

Aegle Saves $27 PEPM – $441,000

Over 5 Years vs. Traditional Stop Loss

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Derek Vest - CMO

Derek is the Chief Marketing Officer and has for more than 30 years successfully guided the growth stories of diverse array of established and startup brands including Wells Fargo, Experian, Fiserv, and Centene. His ability to navigate complex, compliance-driven environments while infusing them with deft branding has been a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Barry Carlson - CGO

Barry, serving as the Chief Growth Officer, brings a wealth of experience in the insurance, healthcare, and employee benefits domains, with a career spanning more than 30 years. His background is rooted in sales leadership and business development. Barry has had the privilege of working with respected companies including Aon, Nexben, Allina Health/Aetna, Medica and ING.

Drew Holm - COO

Drew, the Chief Operating Officer, brings almost 20 years of experience in healthcare where he has led finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, strategy, HR, and corporate development. Drew was most recently the CFO of Recuro Health and additionally held leadership roles at Constellation, Inc., Stella, the parent company of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and United Health Group.

Steve Pachella - CFO

Steve is Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of Aegle Health Partners, Inc. and brings over 20 years of capital markets expertise to Aegle having structured, and originated over $45 billion in equity and debt transactions across corporate and consumer credit sectors during his career. Steve has an extensive background growing early-stage companies and is particularly adept at developing innovative capital markets distribution for non-bank lending institutions.

Gerardo Zapaglione - Founder

Gerardo is the Founder of Aegle. He was a Population Health lead for Epic Systems, the EMR vendor, where he advised health systems and provider-owned health plans on innovative methods for handling downside risk following the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Prior to joining Aegle, Gerardo was a Principal at Kaiser Associates and Leonessa Life Sciences.

Kyle Rolfing – CEO

Kyle is a serial healthcare entrepreneur with particular experience in next-generation tools for employers to manage health benefits. Kyle was a founder at Definity Health (acquired by United Health for $300m in 2004), Redbrick Health (acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in 2018), and Bright Health (IPO 2021, NYSE:BHG).